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Geeks2U in the News

Want to know a little bit more about Geeks2U? Here are some of the news and magazine articles that we’ve been featured in since 2006.

Dial A Geek
Jeanne-Vida Douglas, BRW
Jeanne-Vida Douglas documents Geeks2U’s rise from humble beginnings to the national company we are today fixing computers @ your home and office right around Australia.
House Calling Computer Geeks
Cameron Cooper, The Australian
Cameron writes about Geeks2U’s flourishing national service business thanks to their relentless customer focus and commitment to quality of service.

SMH Computer Geeks to the Rescue
Leah Odgers, Sydney Morning Herald
A brief history of the Geeks2U story and commitment to customer service.

Save on marketing costs and ‘lose position’
Andrew White, The Australian
Andrew covers the Digital Marketing Forum, where Geeks2U Managing Director, David Hancock was a panellist.

Unwanted visitors
Paul Familari, Herald Sun
Peter discusses the findings of our most recent quarterly barometer such as the different trends in computer issues experienced across the different states of Australia.

Virtually every day
The Daily Telegraph
The Daily Tele talks about our rapid rise to the national company we are today and shares some of our helpful tips for setting up a wireless network.

2010 Hot 30 Under 30
SmartCompany profile our Managing Director, David Hancock, and our company in their annual Hot 30 Under 30 list for 2010.

Gen Y is listening
Gen Y and Gen Z are often attacked for being arrogant, for not listening to experienced people and for showing no regard for long-term success. But the 2010 edition of the Hot 30 Under 30 suggests that our gun young entrepreneurs have been listening very carefully to this criticism.

Confused? Grab a geek
Greg Thom, Herald Sun
If you can’t set up the new TV or PC, call in a local nerd.

Why Geeks Rule
Aussies love a business that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so perhaps giving his business the self-deprecating name of Geeks2U is one reason for David Hancock’s success.

True Tech Success Stories
Windows Magazine
This month’s article looks at some solutions that may help put some life back into your tired computer!

Offended on behalf of all geeks
The editor, Janette Woodhouse, discusses media stereotypes against the “geek” and how Geeks2U’s series of radio ads effectively use wit and humour to paint the “geek” in a positive light.

Young Guns
Dynamic Business
Dynamic Business magazine profiles Geeks2U and our Managing Director David Hancock in their October edition.

True Tech Success Stories
Windows Magazine
Need some hot tips on wireless network security? This month’s article with one of our senior Sydney IT gurus, Paul Pratley, shares some must know info on ensuring your security.

AFP – Australians Lack Awareness of Internet Security
An Australia Federal Police (AFP) officer’s statement highlights the “lax attitude” of Aussie homes in protecting their computer systems and data from potential threats.

Nasty viruses cause our biggest headaches
Connected Women
A quick picture of Australian technology use and some statistics state by state about who is the most likely to suffer from viruses, malware and lost data.

Viruses and lost data top computer complaints
Dynamic Business
Why would you call a computer repair company? This article demonstrates viruses, malware and lost data are the most common reasons you would call Geeks2U!

Report gives snapshot of technology in Oz
Connected Australia
The most common problems encountered by PC users are viruses, malware issues and lost data. On a state level, WA customers are most likely to suffer from viruses while Mac users are better immune to viruses and malware than PC users.

Australian Macs still largely virus- free; Victorians need most mac support
David Braue draws a snapshot of the most common computer problems depending on where you live and notices Mac users are less threatened by viruses.


The first national computer complaints summary
David Heath discusses the interesting trends discovered in Geeks2U’s first quarterly barometer with the biggest cause of callouts found to be viruses and other malware.

True Tech Success Stories
Windows Magazine
Concerned about malicious software lurking on your PC? This month’s issue with Ajay Berry, one of our many trusted Melbourne Geeks, walks us through the rogues gallery of online menaces.

Google Helpouts personal helpdesk works via video streaming
The Australian
Chris Griffith explains Google’s Helpouts service – with Geeks2U offering real-time tech expertise via live video streaming.

10 Strangest – Tech Support Queries
Australian T3 Magazine
Rob Temple shares the top 10 horror stories from some technically challenged computer users – if only they’d called Geeks2U!

True Tech Success Stories
Windows Magazine
For those worried about a major PC crash or malware hiding on their PC, this month’s issue with Jake Leader, one of our newest Sydney Geeks, is a must read!

The perfect home office?
Nett Magazine
With more and more people choosing to work from home in the hope to boost productivity, Seamus Byrne examines what makes the perfect home office including who to call when your computer’s misbehaving – Geeks2U!!

True Tech Success Stories
Windows Vista Magazine
In this month’s issue, Ren Finlayson, one of our great Gold Coast techs talks about great ways to extend the life of an older PC.

2009 Hot 30 Under 30
SmartCompany profile our Managing Director, David Hancock, and our company in their annual Hot 30 Under 30 list for 2009.

Outsource your tech headaches
Brisbane Times
David Flynn discusses the effectiveness of letting experts like Geeks2U manage your business’ IT leaving you to focus on your business.

True Tech Success Stories
Windows Vista Magazine
In this month’s issue, Steve Vass, one of our Sydney techs talks about the issues faced with malware and what you can do to combat them and protect your PC from these threats.

True Tech Success Stories
Windows Vista Magazine
In this edition, one of our Melbourne technicians, Daniel Zalcman, goes over some common problems faced when you’re unable to browse websites as well as some simple ways to fix it.

True Tech Success Stories
Windows Vista Magazine
The first edition of our new monthly column “True Tech Success Stories” in Windows Vista Magazine. In this edition, one of our Melbourne Geeks, Sean Cunningham, wrangles with a business network incorporating both Windows Vista and XP workstations.

SMH Logo

Are you being served?
David Flynn, Sydney Morning Herald
We’ve long thought that a home server is one of the coolest gadgets around, but it’s nice to hear someone agree. Here David Flynn writes why home servers are sure to explode in the not too distant future.

Why you need a home server
The title says it all – read why home servers are set to be the next big thing in home computing and why you need one.


The must have accessory for the digital home
David Flynn, Sydney Morning Herald Online
Further coverage on home servers and all the wonderful things Geeks2U can help make them do for your place.


Home Sweet Home – Office
Darren Baguley, City Weekly
Working from home is an increasing trend. Geeks2U has extensive experience helping companies setup their staff working from home.

crn Geeks2U innundated with calls about data loss
Jenny Eagle, CRN
More coverage about the great partnership between Acronis and Geeks2U.

SMH Acronis partners with Geeks2U for tech support
Matthew Sainsbury, ARN
Disaster recovery software vendor, Acronis, has brought on Geeks2U to provide installation services for its product line.

Chris wants to fix it
The Advocate, Coffs Harbour
Geeks2U is proud to be servicing the Coffs Harbour Area.

Don’t blame me, it’s the technology
David Binning, Australian Financial Review
The article from the Australian Financial Review talks about how technology is meant to make life easier but that it is getting more and more complicated to use correctly without help from companies such as Geeks2U.

crn Revenge of the Nerds
Elissa Baxter and Simon Sharwood, CRN
The article from CRN Australia talks about the importance for homes and small businesses of having the right virtual IT department – a professional outfit like Geeks2U that they can trust and depend upon in times of technical crisis.

cityweeklythumb An alternative to reading manuals
Darren Baguley, City Weekly
Buying tech toys is one thing but wiring them up is the challenge. Thus, more and more consumers are utilising the services of experts like Geeks2U to set up everything from wired or wireless networks to computers, printers, scanners etc.

SMH Enter the fix-it squad
Darren Baguley, Sydney Morning Herald
Geeks2U was a major component of an article in the Icon section of the SMH about the proliferation of digital gadgets in Australian homes and the resultant increase in headaches for householders trying to setup and network these gadgets. The article, entitled “Enter the fix-it squad”, focused on the ever-increasing number of gadgets being found in Aussie homes and how, until recently, there was inadequate help available to frustrated consumers, trying to make the most of their technology.

ITWire Kroll Ontrack launches Australian partner portal
Peter Dinham, ITWire
Leading data recovery company, Kroll Ontrack, has launched its online partner portal with Geeks2U.


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