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There’s more computing power in your phone today than there was in the computer that guided the rocket to the moon in 1969! Owning a smartphone really is like having a mobile computer in your pocket. What you can do with one is extraordinary.

We can help you get the most out of yours no matter the brand: Apple, Samsung, Windows and any other!

New device setup

New device setup

Your local Geek will walk through the setup process with you. They’ll make sure that you can do anything you want to with it: send and receive emails, download and play music, read eBooks, securely store and share photos, and more!

They’ll also make sure that your phone is syncing with your computer. This just means that whatever you do on it – like creating a calendar reminder – will show up on your computer too and vice versa.

Training and help with apps

Training and help with apps

Once it’s all setup, we’ll help you learn how to get the most out of your smartphone. You may want us to show you how to use the calendar, post a photo you’ve taken to Facebook or email it to friends, or maybe download and listen to music. Whatever you’d like to learn, we can help!

We’re also experts (if we can say so ourselves!) on apps. “Apps” is short for software applications which are the little icons that you see on your phone’s screen. They can be incredibly powerful at helping you be more connected with friends and family, more productive day-to-day and more entertained!

Want to message someone who is overseas for free? There’s an app for that! Wish that you didn’t have to visit the bank so often? Most internet banking apps allow you to do almost everything online.

Apps can do so many things: They can help you navigate where you’re going, help you find a taxi when you need one, suggest a new recipe for dinner when you’re out of ideas, and the list goes on!


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