USB Type-C brings an end to USB plug woes

The USB standard is an exceptionally robust one. Over time, it’s evolved from a simple peripheral connect standard to a device connection found on every PC and laptop you’d care to name. When USB was first announced and started to… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-04-22
Computer security

Privacy is good for business

Today’s customers are more concerned than ever about privacy, with recent high-profile privacy breaches tarnishing the reputations of some of the world’s largest companies. Your customers are your most valuable asset, so if you are collecting information on them you… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-04-16

Heartbleed reveals Internet insecurity, but what should you do?

Security online is something that everyone should take seriously, but what do you do when the very tools that are meant to ensure your security and privacy end up being insecure? That’s the very real problem facing hundreds of thousands… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-04-14
Mobile phone in the wallet

Will mobile tap n’ pay kill off the leather wallet?

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the latest smartphone to mimic a credit card, but how close are we to the dream of carrying just one thing in our pocket? Paying for stuff with a wave of your phone has always been… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-04-11
Desktop computer with touchscreen interface

Windows 8.1 Update: Microsoft on the backfoot

Microsoft has announced its latest update for the Windows 8 operating system, bringing Windows 8.1 all the way up to… Windows 8.1. Which is slightly confusing if you’re used to standard software versioning numbers. Instead. the latest update to Windows… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-04-07
Office for iPad

Microsoft sets Office free on the iPad. What’s the catch?

It’s taken a number of years, and plenty of hype suggesting it was happening, but Microsoft has finally released a version of its highly popular Office applications for iPad. What’s more, they’re free. Before you start checking to see if… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-03-31
Home automation

The Smart Home Needs a Stern Talking To

The smart home concept will struggle to gain mainstream acceptance while you still need to pull your smartphone from your pocket to perform the most basic of tasks. These days the smart home is still a very fragmented concept, unless… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-03-28

Can Motorola make the Smartwatch look smart?

There’s a lot of buzz around wearable computing at the moment. It was one of the hot topics at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, with a large number of companies showing off prototypes for all sorts… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-03-24
Backup with Magnifier

When was the last time you tested your backups?

Don’t wait until your business suffers a disaster to discover that your backup files are useless. If you don’t make regular backups of your critical data then you could be out of business at any moment. Forget fire, flood and… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-03-31
angry virus interrupting upload process on a laptop

Google’s cheaper cloud means better backup

Google recently slashed the prices on its Google Drive online storage service. When I say slashed, it’s hard to come up with a term that fits any more aptly. Any Google user automatically gets 15GB of free online space irrespective… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2014-03-17