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Google’s killing Google Play Music (finally!)

Google is well known for its dominance of the online search engine space, and also for launching a lot of software products, or in some cases buying them and rebranding them as “Google Insert-Service-Name-Here”. It’s also not afraid to take a punt on a new software idea, even thought that means that many of them

Microsoft goes small with its new Surface Go 2

Microsoft’s Surface brand of tablets and laptops has long been the software maker’s “premium” tablet and laptop brand, designed to show off the best of what Windows can offer on some quite compelling hardware. Microsoft recently announced a refresh for its Surface Book and Surface Go lines, set to go on sale in Australia by

Nvidia Shield TV 2020 Review: A smarter smart TV box

Australians have fallen hopelessly in love with streaming TV services such as Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and many more over the past few years. If you’re simply watching on a tablet, phone or laptop then the screen is assured, but the question of how to share a show with the entire family on the biggest screen

The Pros and Cons of the New 2019 Macbook Pro 16inch

Whilst not much has changed in the new MacBook Pro 2019 16 inch compared to its predecessor, there are a few subtle differences those in the market for a new MacBook will certainly appreciate. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your trusty 2012 or 2013 Retina MacBook Pro but were put off by the 2017

Google will start telling you when it doesn’t know something

Search giant Google is so dominant in that online discovery space that it’s used by many as a verb. You don’t search online for things — you Google them. Google has some trademark concerns around that kind of usage, but it’s not entirely within its control, what with language being a constantly evolving space. However,

How charged should your laptop battery really be?

There are few things in technology that are more concerning than seeing a laptop, tablet or mobile device with a battery warning alarm. Depending on your circumstances, getting more power to your device could be a tricky matter of finding the right charger, the right cables and even a nearby plug socket in time before

iPad Pro 2020 Review: A great tablet, but still not quite a laptop replacement

Ever since Apple introduced its iPad Pro line of tablet computers, it’s placed them strictly in the “professional” category, and that’s not just been a matter of slapping the word “Pro” on the end of it and waiting for the money to roll in. The iPad Pro has represented the best of what Apple can

Broadband usage surges as Aussies stay home

Amidst the current health crisis, an increasing number of Australians are doing the right thing and isolating at home. For some, it’s a chance to catch up with their home gardening, or clean out those cupboards or learn a new language. For many, however, they’re working, studying or passing the time by using broadband internet.

MacBook Air 2020 Review: Apple’s best value laptop

Alongside an updated – and rather pricey in its own right – Apple iPad Pro, Apple recently announced an update to its MacBook Air line of laptop computers. The new iPad Pro is a rather specialised system launching at a very unfortunate time for Apple, but the MacBook Air remains Apple’s play towards the more

Coronavirus isn’t stopping the online scammers

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic – which is, let’s not mince words here, a very serious issue indeed for every Australian – is seeing some swift and much-needed changes to the way we live our lives in order to maintain public health in these very difficult times. There are numerous businesses that are suspending operations, or

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