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LG exits the smartphone business – so which phone should you buy?

LG recently confirmed something that had been doing the rumour mill rounds for a couple of months. The South Korean technology giant has declared that it will exit the smartphone business by the end of July. It brings to an end LG’s smartphone ambitions as it sought to take on the other big South Korean

Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation Review: A smart display with less-than-smart sleep tracking

Google recently updated the smaller of its two smart displays, the Google Nest Hub, with a 2nd generation model that doesn’t change much visually if you’ve ever seen the original model. For those coming to the party late, Smart Displays are effectively smart speakers – think devices like the Google Nest Mini, Amazon’s Echo speakers

How mobile security works and do you need it

As our lives become increasingly more remote and location independent, the need for mobile devices is on the rise. Many Australians enjoy using multiple mobile devices – such as a smartphone, tablet and computer – to live their lives. Whether it’s responding to work emails, transferring money to a friend or tracking your steps on

Windows updates will soon bring a facelift

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 10 – which was, astonishingly, all the way back in mid-2015 – the company has resisted the urge to shift to Windows 11, or indeed any other full “update” to Windows over that time. That’s a long time in the Windows world; after all, the predecessor version of Windows 10,

Samsung SSD 980 NVMe M.2 Review: A great mix of speed and cost

Samsung recently sent me one of its lower-cost SSD drives, the Samsung SSD 980 NVMe M.2 to test out. Drives like this one are designed for PC builders and upgraders looking to eke out as much performance from their PCs as possible, but I was curious to see what kind of impact it might have

What is bandwidth and how can you improve Internet bandwidth?

As more and more people start working from home (especially since the start of 2020), the quality of your online experience becomes more of a focal point. It all comes down to one thing: bandwidth. Whether you’re streaming movies and TV shows or doing a little online shopping, having slow Internet can be downright frustrating.

Netflix is closing the “brother-in-law” loophole

By a wide margin, Netflix is the most popular of the subscription streaming services in Australia. It has an estimated 13.2 million viewers each month. Disney+ is certainly giving it a run for its money having recently launched its new Star hub with a wider gamut of content beyond its original kid-friendly fare. It’s a

Understanding eSIMs: Why you might never need a SIM card again

While these days we’re tending to keep our mobile phones for longer periods of time – up to 3.5 years according to research, if you purchase a newer phone, and especially a premium device like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S device, it’ll come with eSIM capability. As a technology, eSIM has been around for

Battle of the best video conferencing apps

Video conferencing used to be reserved just for international clients and fancy board rooms, but that’s not the case in 2020. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing has become the norm for work, socialising and even events. But when it comes to connecting virtually, what’s the best video conferencing app or software? In this

Understanding USB Power Delivery: One cable to charge them all?

One of the key issues for technology is power, and as we’ve shifted to more portable gadgets – from mobile phones and tablets to laptops replacing desktops – keeping them charged has become a more complex affair. Your phone might have one charging plug, your tablet another, and your laptop one more again, leading to

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