Hardware Installs & Upgrades

Geeks2U hardware installation services include installing new hardware, updating drivers and optimizing computer performance. Call today to make an appointment!

Bought a new piece of hardware but unsure how to install it in your computer? Having problems with your PC’s performance and think it might be time for an upgrade? Either way, we’re guaranteed to be able to help! We can install new hardware you’ve already purchased or advise you on whether you need an upgrade and then assist with the supply and install of a variety of components including hard drives, RAM, optical drives and graphics cards. Just a few of the things that we will do onsite are:

Install hardware components

Your Geek will install any hardware components that you require, whether bought by you prior to the service or recommended and supplied by us onsite!

Install necessary drivers

Sorry, wondering what a driver is? It’s just ‘geek speak’ for the software that will make your hardware and operating system talk to each other and work together. Any specific ones that are required for your new hardware to function properly will be downloaded and installed on your computer by us.

Update operating system requirements

Different pieces of hardware have different operating system requirements. This just means that they require a certain version of Windows (or other operating system) before they’re compatible with your computer. We’ll make sure your operating system is up to date.

Testing to ensure optimal performance

Before leaving, we will finish by running through a series of thorough tests to ensure that your new hardware is functioning properly and performing at its optimal level.

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