Pebble’s colourful timepiece takes on the tech industry giants

If you’ve followed the smartwatch space over the past couple of years, you will have seen numerous smart timepieces from Samsung, a few offerings from Sony and any number of fitness bands that also include rudimentary timekeeping facilities. Then there’s… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-03-02
Run down black and white pirate flag

Will Australia’s three-strikes plan deter movie pirates?

Three piracy warnings in a year and the copyright police can demand to know where you live. To successfully tackle piracy you need to use both the carrot and the stick. The carrot for Australians is the boom in cheap… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-27

Can Microsoft HoloLens succeed where Google Glass stumbled?

There are plenty of business uses for augmented reality, as long as it aims to be more of a productivity tool than an intrusive fashion item. Virtual reality has been in the headlines recently, with both Samsung and LG bringing… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-26
goldfish jumping - improvement and career concept

Lenovo’s Ad Software could leave your PC exposed

We’re all highly aware of the issues around malware when they come from dodgy applications, emails or, increasingly, compromised web sites. It’s never been more important to have anti-virus software installed on your computer to ward away nasties, not just… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-23

Apple adds 2FA to iMessage and Facetime

Apple recently announced that it was adding two factor authentication to its Facetime and iMessage platforms, joining the two factor authentication that’s already available for its iCloud online storage service. It’s not alone in the push for two factor authentication,… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-16

Netflix is not the movie Messiah

All-you-can-eat entertainment for a few dollars per month seems like a bargain, but don’t expect Netflix and Australia’s other streaming services to offer every movie and TV show ever made. It’s been a long time coming but Australians are finally… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-13

Could Amazon WorkMail work for your business?

It’s easier than ever to abandon your in-house email servers and make the shift to the cloud. Whether you’re a multinational giant or a sole trader, one of the keys to running a successful business is knowing which tasks are… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-12

Plex might be your one media server to rule them all

If you’re sick of juggling video files and formats between gadgets then Plex Media Server could be the missing piece of the puzzle. Talk of multimedia formats can quickly turn into acronym soup, drowning in MP4, DiVX, MOV and MKV… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-10

Apple ditches iPhoto; say hello to Photos

If you’re an Apple user who likes photography — and with the rise of smartphone cameras, we’ve all become photographers of a sort, although there’s always plenty to learn about the actual art of photography — then you’ll more than… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-09

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The One Phablet to buy?

If you’re Samsung (and the chances are that you’re not, sorry to disappoint you) then it’s got to be somewhat galling in the large screen smartphone space. Apple’s had remarkable success with the very large screened iPhone 6 Plus, and… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-02-02