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Apple makes expected iPhone 13 upgrades, but also a surprise iPad Mini upgrade

Apple recently announced a slew of new hardware to tempt consumers with at a “virtual” streamed launch event it called “California Streaming”. The headline act was without doubt a very much expected upgrade to its iPhone lines, bringing the iPhone 13 family to market. Every year, roughly around September or October, you can expect a

The Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows and MAC

Do you ever get tired of rolling your mouse, fiddling with your trackpad and running through tabs in order to switch between apps, jump into your spotlight search or close a page? How about finding a specific file, locking your computer or any of the other dozens of functions you need your computer to accomplish

Apple and Epic Games lawsuit could change your app payment options

A recent US court ruling could lead to some significant changes in the way that you pay for apps and subscriptions on mobile devices, tablets, and computers in the future. Epic Games, makers of the popular (and highly lucrative) video game Fortnite offered that game on Apple devices including its iPhone and iPad lines, but

Microsoft sets October 5th Windows 11 release date (but don’t get too excited yet)

It was no secret that Microsoft was going to release the next version of Windows later this year. I’ve already written up my early impressions of Windows 11. That was based on the beta version while I waited for Microsoft to press the big red “go” button for actual consumer availability. Microsoft recently announced when

Two-step authentication to improve online security

It seems every week we hear about another social media hacking, with some high profile business or celebrity’s Facebook or Twitter account compromised. Unfortunately, you don’t need to be famous to attract the attention of hackers. Everyone is at risk, but thankfully there are things you can do to reduce the chances of it happening

Is a smart doorbell a smart buy?

The humble doorbell has come a long way. Oddly enough my next door neighbours do indeed still have an actual bell that you can ring, but for many of us the use of a metal chime gave way to an electric buzzer some years back. In 2021, however, you’re not limited to just a simple

Microsoft increases Office 365 and Microsoft 365 pricing

There was a time when Microsoft sold software. Indeed, the company made itself into the mega-entity it is by grabbing the licensing agreement for MS-DOS on the very first IBM PCs. That was in an era where personal computing was still emerging. Cut to today, and Microsoft doesn’t really sell software. It sells a lot

Tech support while you work from home

While working remotely can feel like an absolute gift at times – no rush hour traffic, no suits or heels, an easy school pick up and drop off – when your tech isn’t up to speed, it can be a sweat-inducing nightmare (maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But you get the point!). That’s why work

Samsung’s new foldable phones: More robust and less expensive, but can they become the next big thing?

Australians love a smartphone, with research from Telsyte suggesting that there’s something like 21.6 million smartphones in use across Australia. Given our population is around 26 million, that’s a pretty compelling argument that they’re part of most of our lives. The reality for smartphones, however, is that while that 21.6 million figure is impressive, up

Payphones aren’t payphones any more

With so much of our phone use coming from smartphones (and to a lesser extent feature phones) that are by design mobile, it’s rather tempting to think of the payphone as something of a relic of a previous telco age. I’m certainly old enough to recall payphones being a rather critical part of my communications,

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