Printer ink: would you prefer razor blades or big buckets?

Inkjet printers have never been cheaper. It’s almost laughably easy to pick up an extremely capable inkjet printer device for under $100 that will include scanning and copying facilities, along with just-about-passable photo printing if you’re desperate. Which isn’t to… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-09-28

Don’t get your hopes up for a major NBN revamp under Prime Minister Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull might be more opened-minded than Tony Abbott when it comes to the benefits of high-speed broadband, but don’t expect the new Prime Minister to embrace the original plan to run fibre optics to every home. Australia’s National Broadband… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-09-25
Delivery Vans

The one big mistake of small business

Before your small business invests in too many big tangible assets, ask yourself whether you should leverage new technology to make them someone else’s problem. The rise of the internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-09-24

Can a new operating system revive old hardware?

Technology moves along at a brisk pace, and the pressure is always there to update your existing technology equipment. New processors are faster, new graphics processors more capable and what was cutting edge just a few years ago is rapidly… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-09-21

iPad Pro: Which pros is it good for?

Apple’s recent product launch saw the company rather predictably announce new iPhone models, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, as well as an upgraded Apple TV, iPad Mini 4 and the long-awaited, heavily rumoured iPad Pro. The new iPhones… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-09-14
Traveler with a bag on the speedwalk

Which gadgets belong in your long-haul travel bag?

Whether you’re travelling overseas for business or pleasure, it’s important to pack the right tech to help you along the way. Once upon a time preparing for a long flight simply meant picking up a good book at the airport… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-09-11
Button idea bulb business web

Is it time to disrupt your own business model?

Burying your head in the sand isn’t a great business strategy when it comes to dealing with tech-savvy competitors disrupting the status quo. No matter what you do for a living, right now someone is out there dreaming up a… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-09-10

Do Samsung’s New Phablets Satisfy?

Samsung typically has two flagship smartphone product releases in a given calendar year. Earlier in the year its smaller screened Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge phones were released, and just recently in Australia, it launched its two new larger… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-09-07

Flash Was Useful Once, But It’s In Its Death Throes Now

You can’t have been on the Internet in any capacity for the past fifteen years and not come across Flash, a software platform created by the company known as Macromedia (now part of the overall Adobe empire, although at one… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-08-31

Netflix’s Australian boom isn’t at Foxtel’s expense

Streaming services like Netflix were expected to deal a major blow to pay TV giant Foxtel but it seems they can co-exist, with Foxtel subscriber numbers remaining steady as Netflix reaches into almost 10 per cent of Australian homes. Netflix… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2015-08-28