Ultra HD Netflix coming to more lounge room players

As the National Broadband Network finds its way to more Australian homes, it’s getting easier to enjoy Netflix in super-sharp Ultra HD. Ultra HD is four-times sharper than Blu-ray but to see the improvement your lounge room needs a tech… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-07-22
Business man holding modern tablet with both hands with business

Does your business need an executive dashboard?

While business nous, gut instinct and a head for numbers will get you a long way, a dashboard helps you visualise your raw business data so you can see how you’re tracking and view the road ahead. If it’s your… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-07-22
Man using smartphone in airplane.

Will inflight Internet change the way you travel?

The explosive growth of mobile networks, especially in Australia has left us with relatively few spaces where you can’t check in online, whether your passion is for Pokémon Go, share trading, Facebook or email. It’s particularly notable in Australia because… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-07-25

Android Pay: More banks, but more useful than vital

As this year has progressed, we’ve slowly seen the rollout of more and more contactless smartphone based payment systems. Apple Pay was first to market with a launch that was actually last year, but only for American Express customers, and… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-07-18

Are we ready to say goodbye to the humble headphone jack?

Apple looks set to scrap the headphone jack in the next iPhone, whether we like it or not. In the ever-changing world of technology you’d struggle to find a consumer standard which has survived practically unchanged as long as the… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-07-22
Close-up of graphs and charts analyzed by businesspeople

Why you should listen to your business data

Your business data has interesting stories to tell, if you know how to turn all those spreadsheets and sales reports into insight and wisdom. Concepts like business intelligence and data analytics aren’t just for the big end of town –… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-07-14
credit card phishing - piles of credit cards with a fish hook on

Keep your wits to protect against online scammers

Online scams are certainly nothing new, and neither are the methods that scammers use to try to separate you from your information, whether they’re seeking access to your bank accounts or just your personal information. Over the past two weeks… Continue reading →

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Close-up eye the future cataract protection , scan, contact lens

Windows Hello is about to say Hello to your apps

Windows Hello is one of the more overlooked features of Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest iteration of its widely used PC operating system. In a nutshell, Windows Hello is a biometric security system that allows you to simply and easily unlock… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-07-04

Google’s Daydream brings VR closer to reality

Building on the success of Cardboard, Google is ramping up its Virtual Reality efforts with a new generation of smartphones and viewers. This year several expensive VR headsets are hitting the shelves, such as the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-07-01
Taschenrechner mit dem Wort 2016 im Display

It’s time to make your financial new year’s tech resolutions

As the financial year draws to a close it’s time to consider what your business might do better in the year ahead. A lot rests on your shoulders when you run a business. You can spend so much time putting… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-06-30