Tech support for the education industry

Learning shouldn’t stop because of dodgy devices which is why Geeks2U are dedicated to supporting students, educators, and schools with their tech needs.

Tech support for the education industry

IT support for connected learning environments

Geeks2U knows the importance that technology plays in the learning environment.

To achieve the best results, you need less distractions – and faulty technology can be a big distraction. Our Geeks will ensure that you are set up right and can provide ongoing support so that your devices are always operating correctly.

What’s more – we offer both remote and on-site assistance, and in the case of an emergency, can offer same-day servicing 7-days a week.

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Who can we help?


No matter what stage of your education journey you are at, our Geeks can assist. From early learning right through to university and higher education, we have the know-how to ensure that your devices are set up right.

If your school asks you to bring your own device (BYOD), it’s essential that your or your children’s devices are working right from the very first day of class. We’ll make that happen.


All educators, from teachers to tutors will know the importance of seamless lessons. It’s simple for a class to lose focus, and one of the easiest ways for that to happen is through tech issues disrupting the flow.

Protect your lessons by ensuring your technology doesn’t fail and minimise the downtime. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot the cause and get back up and running quickly.

Schools, universities, and learning centres

Setting up networks, devices and connected learning environments can be difficult. Not every business can afford a dedicated IT department – in fact very few can!

That’s where Geeks come in. Our technicians can act as your IT support desk and solve your tech problems. Whether it’s one-off or ongoing assistance, Geeks2U are there for you.

Get set up right

Geeks2U can assist you in setting up devices for students, teacher, and classrooms. Whether you need a hand getting a desktop, laptop or tablet up and running, printers and copiers installed, or Wi-Fi network established around the premises, our technicians have got you covered.

Some of the devices that Geeks can help you set up include:

  • Laptops, computers, and Apple computers
  • Tablets and smartphones
  • Printers, copiers, and scanners
  • Wi-Fi networks or extenders
  • Projectors, TVs, and interactive whiteboards

Protect sensitive information

Our technicians can ensure that your network is protected from viruses, and your cybersecurity is up to scratch. In the education sector, you may be dealing with sensitive information that must be protected, and if you do not have the right systems set up you could be at risk. Our technicians can ensure that your devices and network are safe and secure from hackers.

Similarly, if you are a student, you do not want to lose important assignments due to spyware, malware, ransomware, and other viruses. Rather than picking anti-virus software at random, allow Geeks to help you determine the right program for your needs, and they can get you set up right.

Stay connected to peers

With hybrid learning environments becoming the norm, it’s important that you can communicate with your team, your class, or your teachers. Geeks2U can help set up your work from home or remote learning workspace so that you can focus on teaching and studying. We’re experts when it comes to finding the best solution for your specific situation.

Our Geeks2U technician is always very reliable, knowledgeable, thorough and obliging. We always call Geeks2U when we have a computer issue and they have never let us down.

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