TV Wall Mounting and Installations

Need a hand mounting your brand-new TV? We take the hassle out of TV installations so you can spend more time watching or working. Our comprehensive TV installation services include wall mounting, connecting to peripheral devices, streaming set-ups, free-to-air channel tuning, and more.

TV Wall Mounting and Installations

Looking for expert TV installation?

Geeks2U is your one-stop shop for all things tech—and no job is too small. Our highly skilled technicians offer fast and reliable TV wall mounting and installation services direct to your door.

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Fast and reliable TV wall mounting services at your doorstep

Forget flicking through endless online ads to find a tradie who’ll install your TV. Geeks2U is your one-stop shop for all things tech—and no job is too small. Our highly skilled technicians offer fast and reliable TV wall mounting and installation services direct to your door

If you’re on the hunt for the best local technician, look no further. Geeks2U has a trusted network of pre-vetted experts around Australia, providing on-site technical support services for people like you. With hundreds of thousands of happy customers nationwide, we’re a company you can rely on.

Our guru Geeks don’t just know their stuff; they’re expert communicators, too. We’ll slowly and clearly explain how to use your newly configured TV. Then, before we leave, we’ll outline the operating process in a hands-on, step-by-step tutorial.

TV wall mount installations

We can mount TVs for all major brands

Wondering whether we have the tools and expertise to install your specific TV? The answer is a resounding “yes.”

No matter what make or model you own, we know how to install it in your home or business. We have extensive experience installing and configuring TVs from all the major brands, from Sony to Samsung and TCL to LG, we can install your TV no matter the brand!

The size of your TV is no concern to us: from 90-inch+ right down to 24-inch we can get it mounted neatly on your wall. All you’ll need is a suitable VESA mount (check if one comes with your TV) and sufficient wall space near a power point.

TV installation for your business

Our TV installation service isn’t just to help create the perfect home theatre! We also assist businesses make an impact via television installations and conference room setups. If your business is looking for an A/V solution, get in touch today. We can send a Geek your way to review your requirements and provide a quote. Call 1300 554 978 to discuss your business needs.

What do our TV wall mounting services include?

We don’t just slap on a VESA adapter and call it a day. Our helpful Geeks go a step further to ensure everything is just as it should be. From configuring the Wi-Fi to tuning channels and connecting A/V devices, we offer a comprehensive set-up service customised to your needs.

Here’s how our Geeks will get your new TV up and running:

  1. Mount your TV to an appropriate location on your wall (a TV wall bracket is not included).
  2. Connect your TV to the mains power and your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Configure your TV settings (including Smart TV set-up) and download any necessary updates.
  4. Connect your aerial and tune all available free-to-air channels.
  5. Install up to three existing streaming services (each account must already be active).
  6. Connect up to three external devices, including gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and sound bars.
  7. Hide the wiring as much as possible so the TV looks neat and aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Provide a step-by-step, hands-on tutorial of up to 15 minutes to show you how to use your newly configured TV.

Why choose Geeks2U for TV mounting and installations?

Geeks2U offer an award-winning service with technicians you can trust. We prioritise quality, convenience, communication, and safety at every job. Here’s what puts us one step ahead of the competition:

  • Verified technicians: We don’t let bad actors slip through the cracks. All our Geeks have been thoroughly vetted and background checked.
  • Quality workmanship: Our expert Geeks take pride in their work and draw on years of real-world experience.
  • Hassle-free appointments: No need to send endless back-and-forth messages. A quick phone call is all it takes to lock in an appointment.
  • Extended operating hours: Flat out with work? For your convenience, our Geeks work extended hours, including weekends and most public holidays.
  • Same-day service: Dying to watch tonight’s cliffhanger episode of MAFs? No judgments here. We offer a super speedy same-day service so you can kick back on the couch ASAP.
  • Comprehensive set-up: We don’t just drill a few holes into your wall and slap on a TV. Our Geeks will tune channels, install streaming services, connect external A/V devices, and more.
  • Customised tutorials: Once everything is just how you want it, we’ll provide a 15-minute step-by-step tutorial on operating your new TV.
  • Insured & safe: Our fully insured technicians have undergone extensive safety training so you can relax while they’re working inside your home.
  • Top-tier customer service: We’re never more than a quick phone call away. Our friendly customer service team is available seven days per week to respond to any queries or concerns.
  • A stellar reputation: Aussie customers adore our award-winning service. Geeks2U boasts an average 4.6/5 star rating based on over 290,000 reviews and a prestigious 2023 award.
  • Affordable: You’ve already spent a sizeable sum on your slick new TV. No need to bust the budget on its installation. Geeks2U offers affordable TV wall mount installation services from $199.

Geeks2U TV installation coverage

We have expert TV installation technicians available in over 900 suburbs throughout Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. If you’re in need of a television mounting and installation and you’re located in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, get in touch today and we can provide a no-obligation quote!

Get Geeks2U to mount and set up your TV

Get Geeks2U to mount and set up your TV

Geeks2U is your go-to provider for fast, reliable, and affordable TV wall mount and installations. Our Geeks will come directly to your door to set up your TV just how you like it, from streaming services to channel tuning and A/V device connections. Then, to cap off the service, we’ll clearly explain how to use the TV in a practical step-by-step tutorial.

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TV wall mounting and installation FAQs

  • Can you hang my TV on solid brick walls?

    We sure can. Mounting a TV on brick requires more preparation, expertise, and tools than plasterboard, but it’s not beyond the capability of our Geeks.

  • Can you wall-mount my existing TV?

    Sure thing. All you need is a compatible VESA mount and sufficient room on your wall.

  • What size TVs do you hang?

    We can mount TVs of all sizes, from small 24-inch units to gigantic 90-inch+ screens. Again, ensure you have a suitable VESA mount handy.

  • Will the installer connect my existing devices?

    You bet. Our Geeks will happily install up to three external devices, such as consoles, Blu-ray players, or stereo systems.

  • Why do TVs that are 65 inches and larger cost more?

    As strong as our Geeks may be, they can only safely install TVs up to 64 inches on their own. OH&S standards require two technicians when installing TVs 65 inches or larger.

  • Will the installer show me how the TV works?

    Absolutely. Our Geeks will explain how all the most important features work in an interactive, 15-minute tutorial.

  • Is the wall mount bracket included in the service?

    No. The customer must supply a suitable wall mount bracket.

  • Will the installer connect my TV to streaming services and my home Wi-Fi?

    Yes. Our Geeks will connect your TV to your Wi-Fi network and configure up to three pre-existing streaming accounts.

Terms and Conditions

Surcharges may be applied on same-day and/or outside business hours visits. Available in certain areas only. Setup service excludes cabinetry assembly, new antenna/cable connection and concealment, antenna reception works, power point work, and disposal of packaging. Setup of other new audio or visual devices or cable concealment not included in the TV Setup service, but Geeks2U offers further support billed in half-hour increments.

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