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Worried about your online privacy, digital security or potential vulnerabilities in your systems? Whether you're a household or business, a security breach could cost you time, money, or worse. A Digital Security Check for your tech helps protect you against scammers, viruses and offers simple and affordable digital privacy solutions tailored for your needs.

Digital Security Check

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Looking to better protect your home or business from cybersecurity threats? You need a Geek. Book an expert technician who can help to find your security holes before the hackers do.

What is a Digital Security Check?

Whether you’re looking to proactively set your household up with better protection or if you are looking for a review of your existing business systems – Geeks2U can help.

The average cybercrime victim spends over five hours trying to resolve the problems caused by a breach – but a Geeks2U Digital Security Check takes as little as one-hour! We can help protect your computers, network and mobile devices within the one appointment.

Why your household needs a Digital Security Check

Why your household needs a Digital Security Check

Our whole lives are online – from banking, to schooling, shopping and even streaming TV. The more we live online, the more scams and cyber safety impact our lives. 52% of Aussies admit that they’ve fallen victim to cybercrime and 41% of people were impacted financially as a result.

Keep your personal information, money and family safe and take control of your personal digital security by getting a Geek on to it!

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Why your business needs a Digital Security Check

Why your business needs a Digital Security Check

Security breaches and cyber-attacks can devastate a small business. Not only is cybercrime currently costing Australian businesses almost $100 million per year, but it also risks exposing your customer’s details, opening you up to legal headaches and reputation damage.

The relatively smaller cost of regular checks could save you thousands of dollars of damage in the long-run.

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The who, what, where and when

We get it – you’re not an experienced IT technician – and you don’t want to be. Leave it to us, so you can spend more time on the parts of life that are important to you.

Anti-virus software and a secure password can’t solve every problem – but we can help protect you against a lot of them! The best part is we can come to your home or business or help you over the phone if you live in a remote part of the country.

Our technicians can help you with the following:

  • Password management best practices
  • Set up multi-factor authentication (sometimes called 2FA) which gives you extra protection
  • Install or update the right anti-virus and firewall software
  • Run malware scans to detect threats
  • Check the strength of your WiFi security settings to prevent unwanted visitors
  • Block internet pop-ups and prevent traps that will cause you to install a virus – called phishing
  • Update your operating systems, like Windows, to ensure you have the latest security releases
  • Remove unused applications (as old apps or programs can have security flaws)
  • Switch on social media privacy and location settings
  • Provide heaps of other personalised tips and tricks for how to stay safe online
The changing face of online scams

The changing face of online scams

Unfortunately, being clever enough to recognise a scam is no longer enough. Hackers are getting smarter, and in 2022 Australians lost $3 billion to scammers and fraudsters. If you want to better protect yourself from scams, this article is the perfect place to start.

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Of course, the best thing you can do to help protect and educate yourself against cybercrime, scams, malware attacks, or to just secure your devices, is to learn more about the services we offer and speak to one of our friendly specialists today.

Help protect your home or business with a Digital Security Check

A Digital Security Check for your home and business devices helps protect your family, customers and employees against scammers, viruses and offers simple and affordable digital privacy solutions tailored for your needs.

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