Smart Device and TV Setup Service

There's nothing worse than spending all that money on a TV only for it to not work properly! TVs are getting "smarter", but it also means they're harder than ever to set up. If you have a new TV, smart devices or surround sound system, Geeks2U can help you get it set up right.

Smart Device and TV Setup Service

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TV and speaker setup service

The number of smart TV and home entertainment options available to consumers has dramatically increased in recent years! There’s never been more choice for customers, and it’s never been easier to reach out to Geeks2U to make the most of our smart TV setup services.

With all of these different products and services on the market though, it can be hard to decide which are the best for you and whether you need to engage a TV setup service. That’s where we can help: we’re experts on all of them, we’re brand agnostic and we offer home entertainment and TV setup services. We’ll listen to you about your needs and budget and then help you choose the products and services that best meet both.

Purchasing a smart TV or device for home

There are countless home entertainment products available to consumers: smart TVs that can connect to your home internet, devices like the Apple TV and Google Chromecast, Sonos speakers that can be controlled by your smartphone from any room in your home, a smart speaker, your surround sound system… the list goes on!

We’ll work with you to decide what’s best given your needs and budget, help you set it all up and then show you how to get the most out of it. After you’ve made your purchase, it’s time to make the most of our smart device and TV setup services. 

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Smart TV setup service

After you’ve got your great new smart TV and devices in place, it’s time to talk services!

Remember that Smart TV you installed? You may want to use it to access Netflix, Stan, Disney+ or another one of the great streaming services available to consumers. You pay one flat monthly fee (usually around the $10 mark) and can watch unlimited TV shows and movies. It’s a pretty great deal and it can significantly reduce what you spend on entertainment each month!

Geeks2U offer smart TV setup services that will walk you through your device setup so that you can decide what’s best for you and then show you how to use it.

Smart device setup services

It’s not only smart TVs that we can assist with. We can get all manner of smart devices, including speakers, headphones, gaming consoles, watches, routers, digital displays and more, set up and working as intended.

How about your flash new surround sound system? You may want to consider signing up to a music streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify. For one flat monthly fee (again, usually around the $10 mark), you get access to a huge library of music whenever and wherever you want across all your different devices.

We’ll help choose the right home entertainment systems and music stream apps, get you signed up, and then show you how to choose songs and control your speakers from your smartphone.

We don’t stop there. We can setup your printer or computer, tune up your PC and provide any additional technical support you need. Take your home entertainment setup to the next level with Geeks2U.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I setup a home entertainment network?

    Setting up your own home entertainment network will really take your movie watching and music listening experience to the next level. There are some key pieces of gear that you need – including a router, smart TV, media storage unit and surround sound system.

    More importantly, you need to set them up right so that you get the best result possible. If you need help elevating your home entertainment network, call Geeks2U today.

  • How to set up a smart TV?

    1. Find the perfect location for your TV

    2. Plug in your TV and wait for the setup prompts

    3. Work out which apps you need and install them onto your TV

    4. Connect external devices like surround sound systems, Blu-ray players and video game consoles.

    It’s not always that easy though – call Geeks2U today to make sure your TV is set up right.

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