Software Installation and Setup

Geeks2U software installation services include installing and configuring operating systems as well as other software applications. If you need computer software help, call Geeks2U today to make an appointment! We can get Microsoft Office, Adobe, Emails, Anti-Virus and more onto your device.

Software Installation and Setup

Computer software help

There are literally thousands of software programs on the market to perform any number of tasks and meet a wide variety of different individuals’ specific needs. Some of them can be quite complicated to install and setup but fortunately, we can help you with almost any of them. Our highly recommend tech support is available at your home or business, or via remote support. Here are some of the things our Geeks can do to help you install and setup new software.

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Software installation and configuration

Some software programs have specific hardware requirements or can only be used with particular brands of computer. We will advise you on whether your computer is fully compatible with the software you’d like to use. This can prevent you buying something that doesn’t work on your device!

We’ll also make recommendation on the software that you plan on purchasing to make sure it’s the right fit for your needs. Our Geeks know all the best programs and can steer you in the right direction if need be. They might even be able to recommend a free version of an app!

Install a program and configure software

Once the compatibility of the two has been confirmed, the software will be installed on your computer and its settings configured for optimal performance and ease of use. We’ll make sure the software is installed properly so that you have no problems down the line. The initial setup is often the most important step!

Perform necessary software updates

Often software that has been bought and installed out of a box will be out of date because of the fact that developers regularly release updates for the software they sell.

An out of the box package that’s been on the shelf for some time won’t have these updates included. Our computer support includes downloading and installing all of them for you so that you’re up to date.

Create desktop, start menu and quick launch shortcuts

Finally, shortcuts (which are the icons that you use to start a program) will be created on the desktop, in the start menu (for Windows) and in the quick launch menu. This makes them much easier to find so you always know where to click when looking for an application or program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to install application software in computer?

    There are thousands of software applications, and each has its own level of complexity to install and setup. We have outlined the steps to follow to install and setup new software applications on your computer below.

    As a side note, please always be aware of the dangers associated when you download files you find online. This is a common way for hackers to install viruses, malware and spyware on your device.

    These are the steps to follow to setup a new software application on your computer:

    1. Find and download the software file. This will be a .exe for Windows or a .dmg for Mac.

    2. Double click on the appropriate file.

    3. A window should appear with instructions to follow from the software company. Follow these steps to install the software.

  • What programs to install on a new computer?

    When it comes to software applications for your new computer, the world really is your oyster! There are literally thousands of programs that can do a multitude of things! Some of the common applications you might want to consider include:

    – A web browser such as Google Chrome (Firefox or Opera are other options)

    – Your email provider such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo

    – Anti-virus software for protection against viruses, malware and other scams

    – Music playing applications like Spotify and YouTube

    – Microsoft Office suite for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations

    – Image editing software such as Photoshop

    – Free cloud storage like Google Drive

  • How to install software on network computers?

    Installing software on multiple computers at once can be tricky and usually requires some experience as it’s easy to make mistakes.

    As a start, you will need to configure your group policy, login as an administrator and assign packages to all the devices on your network.

    If it sounds a bit tough, that’s what we’re here for! Call Geeks2U and we can help either onsite or via remote support.

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