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The Geeks2U Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

Are you stumped on what to get your partner this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered. Here are our Geeks recommendations for the best presents for tech lovers.

Bluetooth Record Player or Turntable

Vinyl records are back, and more popular than ever. If your loved one is a huge music fan, this is the perfect gift. The sound quality is top notch – better than streaming via the internet in most cases, and how the artist intended their songs to be heard.

Record players make listening to music an experience you can enjoy together – you pick out a record of your favourite artists and sit with your loved one to listen. Plus, if your partner is a bit of a collector, record albums have incredible artwork and look great out on display.

Some reputable record player brands include Audio-Technica, Rega, Sony, and Pro-Ject. Find those and more on the Vinyl Revival website.

Video Streaming Services

If you’re stuck on what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, you could get them a subscription to one of the streaming services you haven’t yet signed up to. There are plenty to choose from now – Disney Plus, Binge, Stan, Netflix, Audible, Kayo, and more! It just depends on what they’re interested in – a quick Google search should help you pick the right one.

Kindle eReader

Any avid reader should own a Kindle – they’re lightweight, portable, and most of the time, the books are more affordable than their printed version. Sure, reading a physical, traditional book has a certain je ne sais quoi, but we think that you’ll be very impressed with the quality of the Kindle screen.

You can even step up your gifting a notch and get them a Kindle with a few romantic books pre-installed so your partner can get right into reading. We think this is an awesome gift this Valentine’s Day!

Browse the Kindle range here.

Ember Mug²

The Ember Mug² is one of our favourite pieces of technology at the moment. This smart mug allows you to set the temperature of your coffee and tea so that it’s never too hot, and never too cold. The mug stays at the chosen temperature for up to 1.5 hours, and easily charges on the included coaster.

If your loved one enjoys a coffee in the morning or tea at night, this is the perfect gift. It’s the perfect combination of practical and cool!

Learn more about the Ember Mug on their website.

Apple Air Pods

When they were announced, plenty of outlets made jokes about Apple’s Bluetooth headphones, the Air Pods. However, on release, everyone realised that these are a really great piece of technology. They’re easy to connect, are packed with plenty of smart features, and have a long battery life.

These aren’t just for music lovers – Air Pods are perfect for taking phone calls, answering video chats at work, listening to podcasts, and taking to the gym. We can guarantee that your loved one will be stoked to receive this gift on Valentine’s Day.

Learn more about Apple Air Pods here.

GoPro Camera

The GoPro range of action cameras allow you to catch footage and stills of sports and holidays on the go. If you and your loved one loves going on adventures, a GoPro will allow you to capture memories while you’re at it! The newer GoPro models capture in 5K at 30fps, are waterproof up to 33 feet, contain a 20 megapixel image sensor, and can film in slow motion. It’s also great for content creators who need a low-profile camera. Valentine’s Day might be the perfect time to finally pick one up.

Check out the GoPro Hero9 Action Camera here.

Nintendo Switch

If your partner is a gamer, then there’s no better present than a Nintendo Switch. The Switch comes with two controllers as default in the form of the detachable “JoyCons”, so you can get started with co-op games right away! There are plenty of fun party games that you can play with your partner giving you fun new activities to do together. With a huge library of games, there’s no better time to get your loved one a Nintendo Switch!

You can find the Nintendo Switch from many online retailers including Big W, Target, JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, and more.

Handheld Massage Gun

Is your partner always talking about sore muscles? Or are you hoping to get more massages from your loved one? A massage gun is easy to use and offers a powerful massage from home – no elbows or knuckles required! Massage guns such as the Threagun can help to remove knots and sore points in your body, so if you’re an active couple of your partner plays sport, hikes or goes to the gym, this is a great Valentine’s Day gift. Before you use a massage gun, make sure you chat to a qualified health provider such as a doctor or physiotherapist.


This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for anyone who loves staying active or is looking to get into shape. Fitbits have plenty of features which make it easy to stick to your health and wellbeing goals. Certain models are even compatible with your smartphone so you can read messages from your watch. Bonus tip: research walking tracks near you and give the Fitbit with a list of walks you can do together!

Browse the range of Fitbit on the Officeworks website.

Wireless Barbeque and Grill Thermometer

Does your partner love to spend time in the kitchen or by the barbeque? A wireless BBQ thermometer might be the perfect gift! You’ll get perfect meat every time with a good quality thermometer, and wireless options make it easier and safer than ever.

We personally love the Meater, which allows you to track the meat on your phone and gives you estimated cooking times, information on how long to rest it, and plenty of other handy features which will make cooking romantic dinners a breeze.

Check out the Meater on their official website here.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is perfect for anyone who likes to take their favourite songs on the go. This Bluetooth speaker is a great pick for anyone who likes to take their tunes to the beach or listen to music by the pool as it’s waterproof and durable.

The Wonderboom isn’t the only option in the Ultimate Ears portable speaker range – there’s the Boom, Megaboom, and Hyperboom – which offer louder sound and stronger base as you move up in the range.

Browse the Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speakers here to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Smart Frame

There’s no better way to display your memories at home than on a smart frame. They’re easier to use than ever before, with some models linking to your smart phone so you can set it up in the app and let it play through your favourite memories. If you want to impress your partner this Valentine’s Day, grab a smart frame and set it up to play your favourite moments from your relationship.

We love the Frameo Digital Photo Frame from Officeworks.

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