Business Support Packs

Geeks2U loves support business with their tech issues. We know that not every business can hire their own IT department - and that's where we come in. We'll partner with you to sort out all your technology problems. Find out more today.

Business Support Packs

Geeks2U Business Support Packs

All businesses running a network understand the importance of having reliable ongoing computer support services. Unfortunately, most businesses have been let down by a previous IT service provider. Big companies often depend on binding service level agreements with exorbitant IT support contract rates to ensure that they get an acceptable response from their computer support company within a predefined period. For SMEs, this large, fixed IT support contract pricing is not always feasible nor is it desirable.

What our technicians provide

Geeks2U has a network of expert computer technicians providing on-call computer support services including computer setup support to businesses all over Australia. We have a large technician base with skills in various areas – from home users to corporate environments with skills in all types of computers such as PCs, Macs, Linux, and more! Reach out to Geeks2U for more information on our IT support contract rates and pricing.

Our simple alternative

We are proud to provide a simple and effective alternative for computer support – Geeks2U Business Support Packs. We go against the grain – we don’t insist on maintenance contracts with our clients. Rather, we offer competitive IT support contract rates with flexible blocks of prepaid hours which offer the same benefits without the long-term commitment and fixed monthly cost of a support contract.

So, why switch?

  • We would rather remain your IT support provider based on merit and not the fact that we have locked you into a contract. We don’t need binding legal documents to retain our customers – we rely on your satisfaction with our support and competitive IT support contract rates.
  • A major reason businesses lock into maintenance contracts is to guarantee a quick response time – we promise this anyway with our guarantee of Same Day Service… or we do the job free!*
  • Geeks2U Business Support Packs offer maximum flexibility – use them for anything from regular onsite preventative maintenance visits to resolving ad-hoc problems your organisation experiences.

IT Support Contract Rates

We have a range of Business Support Packs available starting at a block of 10 hours where the IT support contract rates are a potential saving of $180 compared to our casual rates, and obviously, the savings only increase from there:

Block of HoursPriceEffective Hourly RateSaving

All prices listed are excluding GST.

Please note: the saving column is the real cash saving when compared against the cost of individual one-hour onsite visits at our casual rate of $178 ex. GST.

*Read our terms and conditions here.

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