Computer Repair Reports

Geeks2U provide computer repair insurance services that can help you make insurance claims by assessing the damage of a broken computer or laptop and providing you with a computer repair report for you to send to your insurer. Call Geeks2U today to make an appointment!

Computer Repair Reports

How we can help with your computer repair insurance claims

Having your computer or laptop out of action is bad enough, but having to deal with the frustrations of making a computer repair insurance claim can really drive you crazy! Let Geeks2U help make things easier by writing up a comprehensive computer repair report for your insurer. We can even send it through for you! Here’s what we’ll do.

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Assess the damage

Zapped by lightning? Accidentally dropped your device? We’ll do a full assessment of your computer or laptop identifying the cause of the problem and what damage has been done.

Repair or replacement options

We’ll assess whether your Apple Mac, Windows computer or laptop is repairable or requires replacing. We’ll then give you and your computer repair insurance company all the options so you can get back on your feet again!

Write up a computer repair report

Armed with this information, your Geeks2U technician will write up a clear, concise computer repair report listing all the details your insurer needs to see, making the whole claim process so much smoother. We’ll even send the computer repair report through to your insurer to save you the hassle!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I claim a broken laptop on insurance?

    If your insurance covers laptops, you might be able to claim insurance. Your insurance company might ask for an insurance report to prove that the laptop is broken and what the exact issue is. Often, they don’t accept accidental damage, and Geeks2U can help to prove that your laptop is broken due to a fault.

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