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Computer Repairs Southport

Geeks2U offers expert mobile computer repairs to homes and businesses in Southport. Call us to learn how we can solve your technical problems today! Before your computer problems get out of hand, open your door to Geeks2U in Southport. The neighbourly computer technicians can solve even the toughest technical issues for any laptop, computer or tablet. Don’t let your much-needed home computer repairs keep you disconnected. Geeks2U offers convenient same-day IT help on weekdays, evenings, or weekends.


1300 769 448

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As the go-to experts for computer help in Southport, we service all major devices, including PCs, laptops, Macs, tablets, or mobile phones. Additionally, the computer repair technicians are trained to work with all major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Dell, and more! Whether you require hardware repair, home network setup, network setup, or even printer setup, Geeks2U offers a variety of home computer services in addition to emergency computer repair. Days, evenings, even weekends, Geeks2U is at your service in Southport. We are your family and friends, delivering skilled technical support at your convenience.

Since 2005, Geeks2U has maintained spectacular growth to become the largest provider of mobile PC repairs in Southport. Don’t let internet connectivity frustrations get you down. A qualified Geek is nearby in Southport, ready to solve your technology woes. Call 1300 769 448 or schedule an appointment with a Southport onsite computer repairs specialist to experience the Geeks2U difference!

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What Our Customers Say

Justin has always been very good when he came. Telephone people have always been very courteous...

Judy R
Southport, QLD on 22-09-2020 at 12:14:11 pm

Brief and to the point. No time wasting on not required chit chat. Found the tech very capable and...

Henry S
Southport, QLD on 29-08-2020 at 2:26:44 pm

Tim was on time. He is very friendly and engaging and very knowledgeable in many things. He is by...

Thomas M
Southport, QLD on 25-08-2020 at 11:35:43 am

Although I find that both of my computers are almost at the point of no return, I was happy with...

Elaine C
Southport, QLD on 11-08-2020 at 2:30:31 pm

Nick was very kind and patient with me,I felt very comfortable during the appointment. I would...

Justine W
Southport, QLD on 28-06-2020 at 9:43:35 am

Timely, professional and at a fee/price commensurate with what I was seeking at short notice.

Mark D
Southport, QLD on 05-06-2020 at 6:06:28 pm

Great service, very friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend Robert to a friend. He...

Odette W
Southport, QLD on 22-05-2020 at 12:04:54 pm

The “tech “ was not 19 years old....could communicate with a 60+ yo. Did the work, show...

Ellen G
Southport, QLD on 18-05-2020 at 8:13:34 pm

Due to the efficient technical service provided by Robert, in resolving my problem, your company is...

Trevor H
Southport, QLD on 20-04-2020 at 3:42:23 pm

They are knowledgeable very helpful and friendly. It’s my second experience with Geeks3U and...

Shirley W
Southport, QLD on 18-02-2020 at 6:25:55 pm

Shoaib was a friendly, professionally experienced and competent operator. He did everything I asked...

Janice P
Southport, QLD on 07-02-2020 at 7:01:05 pm

the technician we had was best so far ,please make sure we get him next time we require service...

Steven J
Southport, QLD on 29-11-2019 at 12:00:00 pm

Robert was very knowledgeable. I had a list of problems which he worked through and left me with a...

Theresa P
Southport, QLD on 10-10-2019 at 3:08:04 pm

Very experienced and patient. Able to advice beyond what's their scope in the interest of...

Miriam N
Southport, QLD on 16-08-2019 at 2:14:38 pm

Friendly service. Knowledgeable and explained situations in plain English (I am an old lady and I...

Mary V
Southport, QLD on 24-07-2019 at 1:46:22 pm

Justin was very effecient and set up m Leader Companion rectifying all my problems I am sure, Just...

Judy R
Southport, QLD on 21-03-2019 at 5:12:59 pm

Great friendly service. Aaron was very professional and practical. Would highly recommend.

Judith W
Southport, QLD on 16-03-2018 at 3:06:34 pm

Very professional service and polite attitude to someone not experienced in information technology....

Johanna S
Southport, QLD on 30-01-2018 at 12:16:41 pm

Experience was very good from initial contact with Janette to the efficient manner in which Fabio...

Beverley K
Southport, QLD on 07-01-2017 at 1:04:56 pm

From the initial phone call to making the appointment, the service was exemplary - everything was...

Lindsay H
Southport, QLD on 11-12-2016 at 5:27:13 pm

We love Geeks2U!

Dave G
Southport, QLD on 04-08-2015 at 12:51:21 pm

With Geeks2U there's no hassles! They're just super friendly and helpful. Totally happy with the...

Darrell A
Southport, QLD on 02-06-2015 at 5:12:21 pm

Service was excellent! From when I first made the call everyone I had contact with were very...

Lee T
Southport, QLD on 09-01-2015 at 3:59:13 pm

Good service, friendly and prompt. Geeks2U did a great job all round, from the initial phone...

Sam W
Southport, QLD on 23-12-2014 at 10:36:34 am

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