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Computer Repairs Glen Waverley

Do you need computer repairs in Glen Waverley? No worries. Our computer service technicians have you covered. Geeks2U provides computer repairs to homes and businesses in Glen Waverley. The Glen Waverley laptop technicians will fix your computer repair problems, so you can get your PC, Laptop or mobile phone back to normal in no time. Geeks2U provides IT help on weekdays, evenings, and weekends with same day service available, so you never have to stay disconnected.


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As the top computer technical support specialists in Australia, we service all major brands and devices, including PCs, laptops, Macs, tablets, mobile phones and more. Your Glen Waverley computer technicians go where you need them most. From internet connectivity to email setup, we have a large selection of home computer services aside from IT repairs. Enjoy prompt, neighbourly IT solutions every time you call Geeks2U Glen Waverley. Our technical support pros are local to the Glen Waverley area so you’ll never wait for an appointment again.

For over a decade, Geeks has served the Glen Waverley area and has become the number one choice for on-site IT repairs across Australia. Everybody needs a Geek sometimes! Your industry leading computer repair technicians in Glen Waverley are on call for all your laptop, computer or mobile device needs. the Geeks are at your service! Call 1300 769 448 to schedule an appointment with a Glen Waverley IT specialist today.

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What Our Customers Say

I would tell my friends Geeks2U is an excellent company. The service is very convenient. It is...

Lynette S
Glen Waverley, VIC on 14-07-2020 at 10:51:56 am

Knowledgable, thorough and obliging technician Byron. Excellent value. Fixed all problems with...

Jeffrey L
Glen Waverley, VIC on 02-06-2020 at 11:17:04 am

asan 80year old male my computer knowledge is very limited and when I encounter any issues I...

Don M
Glen Waverley, VIC on 27-04-2020 at 6:57:34 pm

Chathura was helpful and knowledgably. Chathura made the printer installation run smoothly.

Peter W
Glen Waverley, VIC on 23-04-2020 at 12:29:15 pm

From my experience, twice with Anders, I found him patient and listened to my problems and quietly...

Geoffrey P
Glen Waverley, VIC on 20-04-2020 at 11:16:31 am

Glenn was friendly, knowledgeable, and able to repair our compute, and to explain what was required...

Martin W
Glen Waverley, VIC on 13-03-2020 at 4:19:38 pm

They are friendly, timely, efficient, effective, listen to you, and solve your problems with a...

Peter M
Glen Waverley, VIC on 29-02-2020 at 3:35:59 pm

For those non technical people experiencing computer problems the Geeks2U are the only way to go.

Alan C
Glen Waverley, VIC on 02-12-2019 at 3:13:32 pm

Bill was an absolute dynamo. He didn’t quit when quitting seemed the only option. This is...

Anjali R
Glen Waverley, VIC on 14-11-2019 at 11:33:26 pm

Very efficient and attentive service. I was impressed by the technical competence of the technician.

John G
Glen Waverley, VIC on 08-11-2019 at 2:13:23 pm

neither my husband or myself are very knowing about computers but Glen did not make us feel stupid...

Jenny R
Glen Waverley, VIC on 21-10-2019 at 10:29:13 am

As this was second time around; booking was straight forward, the technician was extremely good, so...

Ron G
Glen Waverley, VIC on 15-10-2019 at 3:40:21 pm

A pleasure doing business with the company. Totally professional at every stage. The Geeks are...

Cathryn C
Glen Waverley, VIC on 05-09-2019 at 6:44:13 am

Very good experience. Messaged ahead with arrival time as had been delayed and then arrived ahead...

Cheryl W
Glen Waverley, VIC on 26-07-2019 at 5:10:12 pm

I certainly would pass on to friends in need of computer help that Geeks are the Go To people to...

Alan C
Glen Waverley, VIC on 22-07-2019 at 3:33:59 pm

I would tell them it is a really good service. The people who come are always on time. They are...

Lynette S
Glen Waverley, VIC on 26-06-2019 at 7:52:34 pm

Would highly recommend them. I can only speak about Anders of course but he was excellent -...

Pier G
Glen Waverley, VIC on 22-06-2019 at 10:52:17 pm

Fortunately for us, Glenn was in our age bracket so he was understanding of what we wanted.

Ron G
Glen Waverley, VIC on 01-05-2019 at 4:41:14 pm

Booking experience was very smooth, the lady was patient and professional when responding to my...

Enoch N
Glen Waverley, VIC on 23-01-2019 at 3:22:10 pm

Why worry about the technical side of computers, even if I could understand them, when Geeks 2U ...

Alan C
Glen Waverley, VIC on 14-01-2019 at 3:16:20 pm

Excellent knowledge and quick to recover system. Open with his knowledge in explanations to me of...

Keven S
Glen Waverley, VIC on 16-10-2018 at 12:01:03 pm

User friendly technician for older adult whose not tech. savvy. Extremely competent and willing to...

Helen S
Glen Waverley, VIC on 08-08-2018 at 12:04:24 pm

That the booking and service were very professionally handled. Byron installed my computer and...

Judith F
Glen Waverley, VIC on 29-06-2018 at 8:58:38 am

Yes, Everyone!! I have had the printer sitting there for 6 weeks, it was too challenging for the...

Sandra W
Glen Waverley, VIC on 13-06-2018 at 12:41:08 pm

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