Data Recovery

Our expert technicians offer data recovery near you. Whether you lost data from a hard drive, mobile phone, MacBook or any other device, we'll sort out your problem.

Data Recovery

Hard drive and computer data recovery services

We know that there is no worse feeling than thinking you’ve lost those precious family photos forever. Or the moment when you realise you’ve accidentally deleted the report for the boss that’s due tomorrow.

Before you give up hope, give Geeks2U a call.

In addition to hard drive recovery on your laptop or computer, we also provide external hard drive data recovery services. And, with same day service available, you can sleep easy tonight knowing your precious files are safe and sound.

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Assessment of hard drive recovery options

There’s any number of ways to go about recovering data lost from your external hard drive, computer or other storage device, and an almost endless array of recovery tools that can assist in the process. We’ll consider every conceivable one to recover your data and your computer data recovery specialist will clearly explain the options to you.

Recovery of deleted files from a drive, in good working order

If you’ve accidentally deleted files from a hard drive that’s otherwise in good working order, your Geek will attempt to recover them using special data recovery software created specifically for the task. Whilst we can often successfully recover data on-site, if in your case we can’t, we may recommend you send your hard drive to a specialist data recovery lab for advanced recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does data recovery cost?

    Geeks2U offers affordable data recovery services and can provide these services to homes and businesses both on-site and remotely. There are a multitude of reasons your data needs recovering – from physically damaged hard drives to drive failure or a simple accidental press of the delete button! It’s for this reason that the price for data recovery varies. Get in touch with our data recovery specialists today to discuss how to get your precious files back.

  • Can you recover lost data from SD Card?

    If you’ve lost data from your SD card, there is a chance it can be recovered. As with all data recovery, it’s always best to seek help from a specialist than attempt to get it back yourself. If you’ve lost your data, contact our recovery specialists ASAP to discuss your options.

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