Computer Troubleshooting

Sometimes you know there's something wrong... but you don't know what it is. Geeks2U computer troubleshooting services will help you troubleshoot and identify faulty hardware and corrupt software. Call today to make an appointment and get some help with your computer problems!

Computer Troubleshooting

Computer advice and troubleshooting

Don’t worry – we’ve all experienced it. You know, that pesky program refusing to do what you want it to or that device making a funny noise that won’t work. It can be frustration – especially if you don’t know how to put into words exactly what has gone wrong.

Next time it happens, let the Geeks worry about it! We can come to you for any computer troubleshooting advice you may need. For both hardware and software problems, we’ll either find a fix or recommend an alternate solution to your problem. We’re experts at computer repairs.

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Troubleshoot your hardware

Faulty hardware can cause any number of problems with the performance of your computer. If your system seems unusually slow, you can’t view videos or you just can’t even get it to turn on then it might be time for a Geek to step in for some computer troubleshooting.

Due to the nature of how Apple Macs are built, they can be even harder to troubleshoot so make sure to reach out to our technicians for specialised Mac repair services.

Replace or upgrade faulty hardware

When there’s something wrong on the inside, how are you supposed to know? It might sound wrong, or you might hear something loose, but aside from that it could be a complete mystery.

If an old or faulty hardware component is diagnosed as the cause of your problems, we’ll find it. Then, we can replace or upgraded the part with something new, better, or both.  

Troubleshoot your software

Alternatively, you might be experiencing issues with a particular piece of software installed on your computer. With our computer troubleshooting advice, we can investigate and fix any problems and also train you in how to get the most out of it into the future.

Often, it’s very risky trying to fix serious issues yourself as they may lead to bigger concerns. We understand that sometimes people make mistakes when trying to fix problems ourselves – that’s why our Geeks2U technicians are experienced with:

Reinstall corrupt software programs

Does your software seem broken? This might be a sign that the program has been “corrupted” and needs to be reinstalled to work properly again. We can help with computer problems onsite or with you over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is involved with troubleshooting computer hardware?

    It’s important to first understand that the term computer hardware refers to the physical pieces that make up your computer. From time to time, something will go wrong with one of these puzzle pieces that doesn’t seem obvious to you. Our Geeks are trained to troubleshoot computer hardware issues and replace any problematic pieces for you.

  • How can I get help with computer problems?

    Whether it’s an issue with troubleshooting computer hardware, software or even if you need general computer troubleshooting advice – Geeks2U should be your first point of call.

    Our Geeks are trained to find and solve the problem for you. Once they’ve solved your computer issues, they’ll even train you on how to better use the device to make the most of it long term.

  • How do I fix problems on my computer?

    Sometimes a quick Google can solve the problem, but you risk the dreaded spiral of trying to find the exact answer that addresses your question.

    To ensure you’re fixing the root cause of the issue, get in touch with a Geeks2U technician. They’ll help determine what is causing the problem with your computer and propose a solution. Doesn’t matter what is wrong with your computer, our Geeks2U technicians will have the answer.

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