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Geeks2U computer upgrades services include hardware installation, upgrading drivers or RAM. Call today 1300 820 748.

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Bought a new piece of hardware but unsure how to install it in your computer? Having problems with your PCs performance and think it might be time for an upgrade? Either way, we’re guaranteed to be able to help!

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PC upgrades

Our cost effective upgrade service helps you install new hardware you’ve already purchased or advise you on whether you need an upgrade and then assist with the supply and install of a variety of components including hard drives, RAM, SSD drive, optical drives, and graphics cards.

Our highly recommended technicians are experienced with Mac and PC, so no matter what computer you’re using, we can help! Here are a few examples of how we can help.

mac upgrades

Hard Drive/SSD Upgrade

Upgrade your device’s storage capacity and unleash its full potential with our SSD Internal Hard Drive Upgrades. Whether you need 1TB, 500GB, or a massive 2TB of storage, you can purchase now through our Officeworks as follows:

SSD Internal Hard Drive Upgrade 1TB

SSD Internal Hard Drive Upgrade 500GB

SSD Internal Hard Drive Upgrade 2TB

Our team of skilled technicians ensures a seamless process by expertly cloning and removing your existing hard drive, performing the installation, transferring your data, and providing top-notch malware protection. Get ready for lightning-fast boot-ups, snappy file transfers, and more.

RAM Upgrade

Looking for a ‘computer upgrade near me’? Our RAM upgrade services will supercharge your system, making multitasking a breeze and leaving sluggishness behind. Say goodbye to pesky loading screens and hello to more memory.

CPU Upgrade

Get a computer upgrade to give your PC the care it deserves. We’ll help you choose the perfect processor to take your computing power to new heights. Discover the difference with a computer without lagging.

Graphics Card Upgrade

Prepare to be blown away with vibrant, smooth visuals. Our graphics card upgrade services will transform your PC, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a creative genius. Get ready for eye-popping colour, silky-smooth frame rates, and graphics that will make you say, “wow, I didn’t know my computer could do that!”

Motherboard Upgrade

Upgrade the backbone of your computer with our motherboard services. Our Geeks will help you choose a motherboard that’s sturdy as a rock and packed with awesome features, from enhanced performance to future-proof tech.

Power Supply Upgrade

The power supply is a key part of any great PC upgrade. We’ll make sure your system gets the juice it needs to perform reliably, protecting your components and ensuring your battery doesn’t die when you’re doing something important.

Cooling System Upgrade

Is your computer feeling the heat? Upgrade your cooling system to keep it cool; our upgrades can optimize airflow and get rid of heat, ensuring optimal performance. Ensure a quieter and more comfortable computing experience while keeping the temperature under control.

Operating System Upgrade

Embrace new features with an operating system that’s up-to-date and designed to last. Our services ensure a smooth transition to the latest version, providing you with enhanced performance, increased stability, and access to new functionalities.

Software and Driver Updates

Don’t neglect your software updates! Our Geeks can help you update your software to keep your laptop safe and efficient while also letting you enjoy the latest features. If you’re seeking a ‘laptop upgrade near me’, we can help you get everything fixed and ensure it’s up-to-date at the same time.

Customization and Personalization

Want your computer to truly feel like yours? Our customization service lets you personalize your system to match your preferences and workflow. We know that your computer is an extension of your personality, and we’re here to help you discover what’s possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can laptop RAM be upgraded?

    In non-geek terms, RAM is the memory on your laptop. Having more memory means you’ll have more space to store images, files, videos and more.

    Most laptops allow you to upgrade your RAM but this isn’t something you should attempt yourself and doing it incorrectly could damage your data.

    Contact Geeks2U to find out if your laptop is compatible with a RAM upgrade and book a time for us to come out to you to install it.

  • Should I upgrade my PC?

    In many cases, upgrading your current PC is more affordable than buying a new computer. Just some things you may want to consider include:

    – Adding more RAM (memory) so that your PC operates faster and freezes less

    – An SSD upgrade or new hard drive to provide more memory. Newer models allow you to read and write data faster so there’s less down time

    – For gamers, installing a graphics card will make the images on your games look better and the PC with run more smoothly

    If you’re unsure if an upgrade will help, call Geeks2U and we can help provide advice on the best option based on your PCs symptoms.

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