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13 gadgets that help increase your productivity when working from home

We’re all used to working and studying from home now – it’s been over two years since most workplaces became flexible and realised that productivity doesn’t dip when allowing employees to work from their homes. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone has the perfect home office set up.

We’ve created a list of gadgets and tech devices that will help to improve your productivity when working or studying from home. Here’s our 13 favourite gadgets to make working from home easier than ever.

1. Smart speaker

A smart speaker might not be the most obvious choice for the home office, but they can have a huge impact on productivity and stress relief. Being able to switch music on and off with just your voice means that you can keep you documents open and put on tunes that pump you up for the day. Similarly, if you receive a call, you can tell your speaker to pause without having to click around and turn off your music.

Did you know that Google Nest and Amazon Echo also allow you to meditate? If you’re stressed during the day, you can have a quick meditation session or do some breathing exercises. Perfect for resetting your mindset before hitting that deadline.

Finally, you can ask quick questions, set alarms, find out the weather, or get a news update.

2. Portable hard drive

If your laptop or computer is running low on space, a portable hard drive is the perfect solution. In fact, even if your device still has plenty of space, they’re a great investment to keep your computer running nice and quick.

Portable hard drives can help to protect against internet hackers, as if your important documents are stored externally there is less of a chance that they can reach it. They allow you to transfer data between two computers without relying on cloud technology or emails, so if you have sensitive information, it’s a great way to transfer it without additional worry.

You can also use your portable hard drive to back up your data. This is an automatic process that can run as often as you like, if the hard drive is plugged in. If something bad happens to your hard drive, you know you won’t lose precious files.

If you need assistance setting up data backups, of if something has gone wrong with your hard drive, get in touch with Geeks2U today.

3. Bluetooth headphones

When it comes to the perfect pair, there’s a few options depending on your needs.

Over-ear noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for noisy households (i.e., kids, roommates, neighbours, traffic), helping you concentrate on the work in front of you. Not only will you tune out unwanted noise, but it can allow you to keep your meetings more private if you opt for a pair with an in-built microphone.

The other option is a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones such as Apple Air Pods. You can still get a noise cancelling pair, but it might not be as effective as an over-ear pair. That being said, you’ll be able to take calls, listen to tunes, and maybe more importantly, look cool while doing so!

Browse Bluetooth headphones here.

4. Ergonomic mouse

If you’re recently experiencing wrist pain and not sure why, chances are your computer mouse is to blame. The standard computer mouse isn’t built to be used for 8 hour a day – like how a kitchen chair isn’t made for 8 hours sitting!

There are plenty of ergonomic computer mice on the market, and while they might look intimidating with more scroll wheels and buttons, soon you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. We recommend the Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse or the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse.

4. Mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than their ordinary counterpart, but for good reasons. Mechanical keyboards last much longer, have a better build quality (no more stuck keys), are more stable and often come with a variety of additional keys.

These clicky keyboards provide better accuracy, so once you’re used to the different feel, you should be typing faster than ever, with less mistakes to boot. They also often come with customisable backlights and keys, so you can really make a statement and style your office to your desire. Our favourite choice is the Logitech G613, which can also be used if for gaming.

6. Desk lamp

A lamp probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting item on the list but give us a chance to explain. Like with most tech these days, the simple lamp can do so much more. Not only do newer lamps come with different brightness levels, but they can also swap between different colours, including warm and cool so you can change the light warmth depending on the time of day.

Some modern desk lamps also have wireless charging and USB charging ports built in so that you can reduce clutter in your space. Plus, they look great and can be used to style your desk and home office space.

7. Wireless charger

If you’re sick or cables and cords making your desk look messy, then wireless charging might be the solution you are looking for.

Wireless chargers are incredibly convenient to use – you simply place your device on the charging pad and the battery begins charging. There’s no need to find and plug in cables anymore – it really couldn’t be easier. Because it is so simply, you’re more likely to have a fully charged device throughout the day, because whenever it’s not in use it can be resting on the charging pad.

Here’s a wireless fast charging stand that will power up your iPhone and Air Pods at the same time!

8. Charging dock

If wireless charging isn’t for you, then we recommend investing in a charging dock. Rather than having multiple chargers for each device, you can use one wall socket to charge all your devices. This includes your laptop, phone, tablet, headphones, and more, depending on the charging port.

We’ve previously reviewed the Satechi 108W Type-C PD Desktop Charger which you can take on the go or keep on your desk permanently. This device regulates the power delivery so that you don’t fry any of your devices and can even charge certain MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and the Nintendo Switch.

9. Smart lights

It’s true that the best lighting for your home office is natural lighting, but not all home offices are built the same and sometimes you need to resort to artificial lighting. That’s where smart lighting comes in.

Smart lighting is beneficial because you can control the brightness, colour, and hue from your smartphone. What’s more, some brands allow you to create a schedule so that the lighting changes throughout the day based on the sun’s position and your eye sensitivity.

We’ve already spoken about the importance of a good lamp, and utilising smart lighting is no different. You want to protect your eyes from unnecessary strain to avoid headaches and tired eyes. Having adequate lighting can have an impact on both your physical and mental health.

10. Air purifier

Good quality air purifiers help to remove toxins and allergens from the air in your home and office. Essentially, they help to sanitise the air that you breath every day. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, they might be worth looking into or chatting to your doctor about.

If you want to work in a clean and healthy environment, an air purifier could be for you. You can even get certain models which remove pet dander from the air which is a big plus for anyone with cats and dogs!

Browse Officeworks’ range of air purifiers here.

11. Printer

We’re trying out best to move to a paperless society, but even at Geeks2U where we love all things digital, we understand that there’s still a benefit to having your own printer at home. The main benefit of course is convenience – whenever you need a hard copy of a document, you can organise this yourself without having to drive into your workplace or local printer.

It can be helpful to have printouts of important documents or proposals while in meetings. That way, you can focus on the people you’re talking to rather than a Word document or PDF, but you can still refer to it and take notes written notes.

12. Diffuser

A diffuser is another great tool that can help you feel more relaxed while working from home. You can diffuse essential oils to create a pleasant and relaxing environment which may help you beat stress in the workplace.

The right scent can also make you feel more alert and focused too, for those days where you need to get plenty of work done in one sitting. While we’re not experts on essential oils, we’ve heard that citrus oils can help you switch on and get stuff done!

13. Coffee machine

There are a lot of people out there who can’t start work in the morning without their morning coffee. Caffeine can give you that kick you need in the morning, whether you need to get into paperwork and spreadsheets or come up with creative concepts and solutions. Even the smell can get you on the right track!

So, you shouldn’t have to rely on freeze-dried coffee – not when you can have your own café-quality coffee at home at a fraction of the price.

Pod machines are a great option for anyone short on time in the morning, but our favourite option are machines which grind real beans, so you drink coffee as fresh as it gets. These machines are still automatic – you simply select your go-to brew from the machine’s menu, and it makes it for you in less than a minute. They’re a great investment if you’re buying coffee every day!

So, there you have it – 13 devices that if you don’t already own, you should consider purchasing for your home office. Some of these are easy to set up on your own – but if you need help with a new printer, Wi-Fi router, laptop, or any other connected device, give Geeks2U a call today! Experience top-notch laptop repair services from Geeks2U – schedule a repair now and get your laptop running smoothly in no time.

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