Mobile Device Setup

Ever feel like your smart phone isn't operating up to scratch? Or are you holding off an upgrade because you know you'll have a hard time setting up something new? Don't stress - Geeks2U are here to help. We're experts at all brands and models and will help you get a new phone set up right, and an old phone working at its best.

Mobile Device Setup

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Smartphone tech support services

There are all kinds of mobile devices that can be connected to your computer. Do you own a smartphone or tablet? What about a smart watch, or Bluetooth headphones? Or even an MP3 player like an iPod?

Call us out to get all of these gadgets and more setup and syncing correctly with your desktop or laptop computer. Here’s how our Geeks will help.

mobile phone setup

Set up your phone

If you have a new mobile device, our Geek will work with you through the set up process. You could want to be able to do any number of things on it: send and receive emails, download and play music and movies, read E-books or perhaps share digital photos.

We can help with all of these requests and almost any others you may have. Our technical support covers both Android phones and Apple devices.

Sync your mobile device with your computer

After setup, the next step is to sync your mobile device with your desktop or laptop computer. This just means that whatever you do on your mobile device will be reflected on your computer and vice versa. If you were to take a photo on your smartphone, it would then show up on your computer too.

Similarly, if you downloaded a song on your computer, it would automatically transfer to your mobile device the next time you connected the two.

Show you how to use the device

Finally, we will show you how to use your mobile device in order to get the most out of it. Perhaps you’re not aware of all the great features that are available on it – we’ll explain what they are, how they might help you in your everyday life and how to use them.

Some of the features outside of making a simple phone call include how to turn on Bluetooth, how to turn on location settings, fast pairing of devices and more. Alternatively, maybe you’ve researched things and know exactly what features you plan to use but don’t know how to use them. Don’t stress, we’ll show you how!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to set up my phone?

    You may think that setting up a new phone is as simple as inserting your sim card and turning the device on, but unfortunately it can be a lot more confusing than this!

    It’s easy to make mistakes and get your new phone off to a bad (and probably frustrating!) start. Between Wi-Fi, passwords, signing into accounts, setting up security and organise the transfer of data from your previous device, it can often be easier to get professional help.

    Geeks2U can setup your new Android device, Apple phone and tablets, as well as syncing the device to your computer. We can also assist with showing you how to navigate and use new apps and features.

  • How do I sync my phone with my computer?

    Start by ensuring both your computer and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network. From there, go to the settings on your phone and find the option to sync your phone to your computer.

    While these steps may seem simple, it can often be trickier than you think! If you are struggling, call Geeks2U and we can help pair your devices.

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