Tablet Repairs

Geeks2U offers tablet repairs to homes and businesses throughout Australia. Alongside iPhone and Android tablet repair services, Geeks2U can set up your tablet and provide you with training on how to use it.

Tablet Repairs

Tablet repairs

Having tablet troubles? Need tablet repairs or training? We can help! We’re experts on every brand: Apple, Samsung, Windows and all the others! Let us help you be more connected with family and friends, more productive and more entertained.

If you’re having an issue with your tablet, our technicians can help to get to the bottom of it. Whether it’s a software or hardware issue, our Geeks will do their best to solve the problem and get your device back in working order.

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New tablet setup and training

Your local Geek can help setup your new tablet, perform tablet repairs and will even train you to get the most out of your device.

There’s so much you can use it for: to send and receive emails, download and play music and movies, download and read eBooks, view and share photos with family and friends, keep an online calendar that will sync across other devices like your smartphone and/or your computer, etc. Don’t let a broken tablet stop you from accessing so much functionality. Let Geeks2U fix your tablet and put the world back in your hands.

Setting up your devices so that each syncs with the other is great because it means that you can access the same things on every device.

Have you downloaded a song on your tablet but want to listen to it on your computer? No worries, it’ll be there! Did you put an appointment in your calendar using your smartphone? It’ll appear in your calendar on your computer too! Our Geeks can’t wait to fix your tablet and show you how seamless integrating technology into your life can become.

Tablet app suggestions

‘App’ is a term used to describe software applications that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet. There truly is one for almost anything these days.

You may want us to help you install an app for a video streaming service like Netflix, Stan or Presto so that you can watch TV shows and movies on your iPad. Are you a Foxtel subscriber? Get us to setup the Foxtel Go app on your iPad or other tablet so that you can watch your favourite shows when you’re on the road!

Let us know which apps you need a hand with and after one of our Geeks has completed your tablet repair, we’ll show you the ropes!  

Tablet apps can help you stay organised and be more productive too. You can do banking online using any of the major Australian banks’ apps. Having Dropbox installed on your tablet means that you’ll be able access any important files you’ve stored in that folder on your computer from your tablet, no matter where in the world you are!

Our Geeks don’t stop at tablet repairs. If you’re looking for computer repairs, laptop repairs or need us to look at your Mac, get in touch today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to get tablet fixed?

    There are plenty of locations you can get your tablet fixed in Melbourne – but not all repair centres are equal.

    If you need help with a faulty tablet, Geeks2U are Australia’s leading provider of on-site or remote tech support, so you know you can trust us. What’s more, we offer a no fix, no fee policy so that if we can’t solve your tech problem, you don’t have to pay.

  • How do I know what size tablet I have?

    Some people like to get out a ruler to measure their tablet, but the easiest way is to find your tablet’s model number.

    For Samsung and Android tablets, you can find this by going to your settings and opening the “About” section.

    For iPad users, it’s located in “General” and then the “About” section. From there, simply type your model number into Google and all the details you need should be readily available.

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