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In this day and age, nearly all of us have precious digital photos stored on one or more of our personal devices. Whether they’re on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the dilemma we all face is how to store them safely and securely, share them easily with friends and family and sync them across our devices.

We can help! Have you heard friends or family talking about Dropbox? We’ll tell you all about it along with other solutions that are on the market.

Not sure how to upload photos to social media like Facebook and Instagram either? Your Geek can show you all of that and more.

Storing, sharing & syncing photos

Storing, sharing & syncing photos

You have a few options when deciding how you’ll store your precious photos: offline using an on-site backup solution like an external hard drive, online using a cloud storage solution, or both.

Your local Geek will explain the pros and cons and costs of each solution and set up whatever you decide suits you best.

Depending on what storage solution you decide on, we’ll also show you how you can most easily share photos with family and friends and how you can access them across all of your personal devices: smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How to upload them to social media like Facebook and Instagram

How to upload them to social media like Facebook and Instagram

It’s your granddaughter’s first birthday, you’ve managed to get that special shot and now you want to share it with your friends and family on social media but you don’t know how.

If that’s you, call us! We can show you how to post photos to any social media and we’ll check your privacy settings whilst we’re at it to make sure that it’s only your friends and family who can view your stuff.


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