How to stay safe online with Geeks2U

Geeks2U are here to help protect you from potential scammers, hackers, malware and other online threats. We've identified the six most common threats and detailed how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

How to stay safe online with Geeks2U

Protect yourself against scams, malware, phishing, and more

Being connected to the internet is more important than ever. From online shopping, to video calls with far away friends, streaming the latest shows or sport and even falling in love, you can do it all on the net. Sadly, for some people this also includes getting scammed.

The term “online scam” can refer to a very wide range of criminal activity. It pays to be aware of what they are, how they work and what to look out for. Knowing the bad guy’s tricks can always help you avoid falling into their traps.

It’s also useful information to know because like a lot of criminal activity, it runs most efficiently if people don’t know what’s going on. Educating yourself about online scams means that you can also advise your friends and family, saving them stress, financial loss and worry too.

Online scams are, sadly, a huge business, costing Australians more than $330 million in 2022 alone. We’re not telling you this to scare you – being connected to a global community is worth the risk – but we want you to be aware that cyber criminals are genuine threats. So, we’ve pulled together a list of the common cyber scams and detailed how you can avoid them. Stay safe online thanks to Geeks2U: your Cyber Guards.

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Six common online scams and how to avoid them

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Quick definition: Trying to get access to your online accounts or personal information by pretending to be the account company, government or other trusted figure.

Find out more about phishing and how to identify and avoid it here.


Quick definition: Software that can corrupt the proper operating of your computer, whether to lock you out of your files, access your activity or use your computer’s power against other services.

Learn more about how to keep your computer, phone and tablet safe from malware here.

Password attacks

Quick definition: Criminals, bots or algorithms trying to work out your password for important accounts if you’ve been slack about password creation or using a password across multiple services.

Discover how to create secure passwords and the rules you must follow to keep them safer here.


Quick definition: Scammers pretending to be your new best friend or romantic partner to gain your trust and scam you out of money and information. Heart breaking optional, but surprisingly common.

Learn how to avoid the catfisher’s lures and tell if who you’re talking to is real here.

Identity theft

Quick definition: Using your personal identifying information – such as your address, date of birth and even photos of your face – to gain illicit access to financial services and identity documents

Stop identity thieves in their tracks with our simple guide here.

Online shopping scams

Quick definition: A fraudulent online storefront that’s more interested in hoovering up your credit card details than sending you your items.

Shop online with confidence by reading our full guide to identifying and avoiding online shopping scams here.

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Virus and malware removal

$158 per hour

Viruses and spyware can cause all kinds of performance problems for computers and phones. Is your laptop running slowly? Does your phone keep getting popups and error messages? What about friends complaining about emails they received from you which you never sent?

You probably have a computer virus – but don’t stress! Geeks2U can help remove viruses and malware from your devices. This may include:

  • Clearing malware from your device
  • Testing device functionality
  • Update your security software and other important apps
  • Repair operating system issues that may have occurred
  • Perform critical operating system updates

Antivirus software installation

$158 per hour

Antivirus software is one of the best ways you can defend your computer, laptop, phone or tablet from viruses and malware. But installing the software and ensuring that it’s set up properly can be a challenge in itself! Luckily, Geeks2U can help you get up and running on-site or remotely.

If you want to make sure you’re devices are properly protected from cyber criminals, but don’t know where to start, Geeks2U can help by:

  • Recommending the right software for your needs
  • Installing the software and setting up your account
  • Making sure the software and other important apps are up to date
  • Create desktop, start menu and quick start shortcuts
  • Give you an overview on how the software works

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