Computer Network and Internet Security Services

Contact our home computer network security specialists and ask about our internet security services to help you protect your computer and mobile phone data against viruses, malware and spyware.

Computer Network and Internet Security Services

Internet security for homes and businesses

With all of the personal information stored on computers today, it’s a good idea to make sure your data is backed up and always secure. You can protect your financial records, photos, personal emails, and other private data from identity thieves by letting us increase your home computer network security for you.

We will make sure your computer, laptop, or mobile device are setup, and locked-down safe free from viruses and unauthorised access. What will we do? Here are just a few of the more obvious internet security services we provide.

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Set up a unique home network name

Home network security is paramount in reducing security risks on your personal data. One of the most important additions to your home network computer security portfolio is a unique home network name.

Geeks2U will setup a unique home network name of your choosing so that you can easily identify your home computer network from other available networks in the surrounding area.

Enable wireless encryption

After we setup your unique network name, our Geeks always suggest using a WPA2 security key – which is the highest level of internet security encryption available for your router.

By implementing this important internet security service, your personal information will be protected from someone accessing it, tracking your internet use and even attempting online theft! Having a WPA2 security key improves the security of your home network by ensuring your home computer network is secured against use by others.

Change the default administrator username and password

Regardless of your router manufacturer, all new routers come with a default, factory-set administrator username and password. This makes them relatively insecure and vulnerable to being hacked which has the potential of putting your personal information stored on your home network at risk.

To ensure your home computer network security is as secure as possible we will change the default administrator username and password. Your router’s new default username and password will both be updated to ones of your choosing. We can also provide advice on selecting a strong password that will help keep your network secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to know if my network is secure?

    There are varying online services that can simulate a threat on your firewall or anti-virus software. These can be a good way of checking the security of your home network yourself.

    However, some of these services can be quite complicated (including the tech jargon which can be hard to understand for non-geeks!), so if you’re looking to get an expert opinion and assistance in home network security, call Geeks2U. We can help ensure your network is safe and secure.

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